An important goal of the white oak genetics project is to create a network of partners, stakeholders and ongoing white oak research programs. This network will help advise and support the project in collaboration with the Beam Institute for Kentucky Spirits and the White Oak Initiative. 

Examples of partners we hope will join the network include, but are not limited to Federal agencies such as the US Forest Service (National Forests and Research), Fish and Wildlife Service, state forestry agencies and conservation organizations, forest industry groups, non-profit groups such as The Nature Conservancy, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, the National Wild Turkey Federation, and citizen scientists including groups such as the Master Naturalists programs. The goal of the network is to be inclusive so that as many individuals and organizations as possible will be able to benefit from and have access to knowledge gained and material from the white oak genetics project.

Thus, we welcome all interested individuals and groups to be a part of the project!!

An early important task that partners are currently helping us accomplish is sampling white oak from throughout the entire eastern US where white oak naturally grows. This diverse collection of genetic material will help us learn about white oak genetic diversity and about how white oak from different areas compares to each other.  This knowledge will help us conserve white oak and will help us proactively make decisions about how to protect white oak in future climate conditions.  The diverse collection of white oak seed sources will also help identify specific white oak trees and/or regions that genetically produce traits that are especially desirable for a particular constituency. For example, trees that produce a good crop of acorns consistently across years might be of special interest to the Wild Turkey Federation. 

Superior white oak in seed source study.



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